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It’s time to get real. It’s the future of health care.

That’s why we offer more than just Admit, Transfer & Discharge alerts. We offer real-time Admit, Transfer & Discharge patient care notifications in a few single clicks to deliver real-time results.

Our measure of success is not just provider tech proficiency training and patient tools, but advanced practice capabilities. We train your Subject Matter Experts through provider practice optimization education that assesses resource structures, licensure and clinical workflow, because we know no two practices are the same.

The Care Convene Admit, Transfer & Discharge viewer is fully integrated within the platform allowing:

  • Alerts triggered as events happen
  • Single click Text-A-Visit or Call
  • Robust and customized filtering that saves time
  • Continuity of Care Documents (CCD) charts sent with most discharge notices

Care Convene Offers Admit, Transfer & Discharge Alerts

Real-time browser & app notifications on the status of patients’ care transitions

  • Statewide Admission, Discharge, Transfer Alerts
  • Post-discharge Care Summary C-CDA
  • Advanced Admit, Transfer & Discharge Filtering and Admit, Transfer & Discharge SMS Alerting

TOC Features

  • In app phone dialer
  • In app virtual visit (SMS/email) link
  • Display patients Care Team
  • Shared clinical team notes.

Proactive Patient Engagement Tools

  • Personalized symptom reporting assessments
  • Chronic disease based or customized
  • Customized frequency of assessment alerts

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It only takes 3 simples steps for your clinic to start using Care Convene – at no cost for providers.

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