Patients benefit from our platform, and practices grow from it.

Care Convene is endlessly flexible. Whether it's a flat fee, payer reimbursement, group pricing, or a membership approach, we support your payment model and make it easier to grow.

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Telehealth is just the beginning

Discover a virtual health platform that connects patients to doctors and even allows care teams to consult virtually. Care Convene not only keeps patient needs connected, it also gives them better ways to manage their health on their own.

The Patient Solution

One Platform. Countless Uses.

From primary care to specialists to employer-based models and care management organizations, Care Convene offers more ways to engage patients than you thought possible.

  • On-Demand Acute Visits
  • Chronic Disease Management
  • Post Surgical Follow-Up
  • Health Reminders

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A Provider Platform

Make the most of every care team member

Because your time and resources are valuable, Care Convene aligns patient needs to the appropriate care team member

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