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Affordable, personalized healthcare for all, anytime and anyplace

Our Vision

To offer patients more convenience and control over their health while building stronger relationships with their doctors.

Consumers in most industries expect instant digital feedback and real-time access to services and information; health consumers are now looking for the same experience. Traditional access points, such as calling a phone triage nurse, office visits, or urgent care cannot adequately support a growing population with greater health needs and higher expectations for convenience.

For Patients

Patients lack an easy and efficient method to access healthcare for low severity symptoms other than phone calls, walk-ins or expensive urgent care services.
Patients also lack a simple way to access their health information or manage and improve their health outcomes. Patient health information is siloed across proprietary systems and is not portable or easily integrated across a patient's lifetime. Current health record systems are structured to treat single episodes of care and record information for billing purposes. That information is difficult to access for patients and not organized to support patient health goals.
Care Convene allows patients more control of their health without sacrificing existing relationships with their doctors. Care Convene provides users the tools to manage their health conditions through the use of a personal health record, HIPAA secure physician eVists, and personalized health notifications

When To Use



Abdominal Pain

Cough and Flu Symptoms

Ear Pain



Insect Bites and Stings

Rash, Hives, Skin Irritations

Pink Eye

Sore Throat

Gynecology Symptoms

Back Pain


Eye Irritations

Heart Burn


Sinus Problems

Urinary Symptoms


Muscles, Bones or Joint Issues

In the News

The Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) is offering a proposed vision of how health IT can support a paradigm shift over the next few years to facilitate effective health management by individuals, their caregivers, and their health care teams. By 2020, ONC envisions that:

The power of each individual is developed and unleashed to be active in managing their health and partnering in their health care, enabled by information and technology.

A survey of more than 1,000 U.S. adults revealed that Americans are ready and willing to leverage health apps and wearable devices to improve their personal health.

An interview with Dr. Eric Topol: cardiologist, geneticist, digital health pioneer, and medical innovator.